Polka Dot Glass

We’ll call this “repurposing new materials”…a little different than working with reclaimed wood.


I bought the polka dot glass shelf from the as-is department at Ikea and the fir flooring boards from O.L. Willard, a local hardware store. Most places will sell scraps from broken-up flooring bundles, but at Willard’s I get the added benefit of being allowed to search through their stock myself.


The legs are unfinished cedar banister rails leftover from one of my landlord’s projects. Though you can’t see it in this picture, I used pine 1x3s again to frame the legs.


I stained it with Minwax “red mahogany,” and varnished it with Minwax wipe-on poly. I think red mahogony and I are on the outs though…this is a little bit bright.


Nevertheless, Lulu approves


See how it fits perfectly over the radiator? Ah, the joy of making your own furniture.


I should mention that I made the headboard from Ana White’s plan for a “reclaimed-wood look headboard” using all pine boards.


2 thoughts on “Polka Dot Glass

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