An Old Door and Some Bottle Caps

Sanding makes everything better.

img_5998This old door had a cracked window when I found it. Jorge, in need of a poker table, thought it would be fun to fill the space with bottle caps from his collection. An excellent idea.


img_6003Here you can see the epoxy is set and the table assembled.


4x4s and 2x4s for the base. I cut notches out on the longer 2x4s so the cross-pieces (don’t have a picture of this) on the back of the door would lock into place.

img_6006Then, lots of sanding.


I stained the exposed wood with Red Mahogany, and then varnished the whole thing with wipe-on Poly


It’s a very looooong table.

img_6013If I had it to over again, I would have stained the wood we added to the back of the opening before laying out the bottle caps and setting the epoxy.

img_6017I also think I could have made the proportions look better by cutting down the length of the door/tabletop a little and framing it with 1x3s (like I did with 1x2s on this table).


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