Flooring Frames

It’s a little tricky to surprise someone with a piece of furniture when you have never visited their house and don’t know what they might want or need. Picture frames are nice for this particular gift-giving challenge.  And it turns out flooring boards present some interesting options for framing unevenly sized prints.

This print of Napoleon aboard the Bellerophon has writing along the edge that I wanted to preserve, so essentially I created a glass mat. This is the only picture I took so you can’t see that the method of framing also made it possible to include details about the print on the back. But you can see that it allows the wall color around the picture to serve as the matting, which I really like. I used the same fir boards for this frame that I used for the polka-dot Ikea glass.

When Christmas rolled around and I wanted to make my mom a gift that I could ship across the country, I revisited the idea…this time with oak flooring boards. And for this, I have pictures of the process…

The boards are from Home Depot…on sale because they were left over from an accidentally broken-up bundle.

Two pocket holes with the kreg jig for each joint.

When I show up at Mansfield Supply with my frames almost completely assembled (leaving one edge off), a very nice man named Aarne measures and custom cuts the glass for me. Here you see the photos in place, with little strips of duct tape on two edges to keep the two pieces of glass together. The little pieces of painter’s tape are to help me keep track of which pieces of glass fit into which frame (they are, I will admit, slightly different sizes).

I protested, but mom wanted her frames painted black. I’ll just say that if I EVER paint beautifully grained wood again, I will make sure to buy a strong primer to spray on before I spray on a coat of paint. Rustoleum’s “Universal Paint and Primer in One” had big promises, but after two coats you can still see the texture of the grain through the paint, which isn’t ideal.

The finished product.


3 thoughts on “Flooring Frames

  1. I love seeing what you can do to things that some people would consider waste, into something wonderful. Keep up the good work.

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